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Comic-Con Denver Style

Posted by on August 30, 2013

Halloween in May?

Does the Mile High altitude affect people in Denver? If not, why were thousands of adults and children wearing Halloween costumes in the month of May? As we walked alongside Bat Man, a junior Hulk, Wonder Woman, and Godzilla, we learned they were headed to the Denver Comic-Con convention.


Junior Hulk

Comic-Con is an event where the culture and pageantry of comic art forms are upright and visible. It gives the attendees an opportunity for full-out expressionism. Many of them dressed beyond the scope of Marvel and DC Comics. Which left me asking, “now… who is that?”

Denver Comic Con

Expressionism in Denver

Streets of Color

It was absolutely fun! The downtown intersections were in a deadlock with hundreds of Comic-con attendees and looky-loos. People with cameras swerved in and around the Comic-Con crowd.


The Riddler

Some children stood in awe while others leaned in for a photo op. Rubber masks, flowing capes, green tights, spiked boots, and anything-but-natural hair color descended upon the Colorado Convention Center.


A purple and a green one

It was a spectacular vision. We were captivated by the excitement and followed the crowd. Unfortunately, it was a sold out event. Being the consummate tourists, we held our post at the entrance and ooh-ed and ahh-ed while the parade funneled inside.


Peeking in on Comic-Con

Above All Else; Life Should Be Fun

Dikki has a plaque in his office that reads: Above all else; Life should be fun. Everyone at this event was doing just that! Of course, I couldn’t let the day end without standing next to my super hero counter-part. What fun!


Batman and Robin

How about you?

What event excited you this summer? We’d love to know. Please leave your comments here.

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8 Responses to Comic-Con Denver Style

  1. Paige

    This is so cool Branson needs to do this!!!

    • Robin

      Who would you be? I’d like to dress up as Wonder Woman. Do you think it would take 2-Spanxs or 3?

  2. Terra F.

    looks like fun! Batman is taking his costume very seriously! thanks for sharing Robin :)

    • Robin

      Every Batman wore their costume proud! Your little one would have enjoyed the fun. Take care, R

  3. DikkiDikball

    The start of college football last night was worth the wait-

    • Robin

      The Vanderbilt game was fabulous! I’m still charged up. Looking forward to the Mizzou match up. L, R

  4. Robert Regner

    I’m glad that you found Batman.


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